Nguyễn Họa My

– 1989
– live and work at Hanoi


My artistic practices are based on stories of human nature to represent a sad and cynical world. When performing, I use my intuition and spontaneity to open up the fragments of people that are scattered unconsciously. I look for the other practices aside from traditional theater, combined with many types of arts: vocal, electronic music, experimental film, visual … with exceptional stage spaces (art spaces, street spaces), and eliminate the boundaries between audience and performers.


In “Fragments” at #Solo#Marathon2020, I translated and edited the philosophical language of the various drama excerpts written by Pessoa. I see in the language of Pessoa a sequence of symbolic images that are both sublime and provocative, encouraging readers to decode them. I molded the words, the lines, assembled them into a story with a red thread throughout, to portray the world of devastation around me. On stage, I choose to be a person with an unknown identity, struggling with myself to find and assemble my torn soul. The character is set in relation to another human being, who is lost in the same way and a god whose faith has collapsed. The “Fragments” are also a challenge for the ego in me: combining acting techniques from many different fields with sound and contemporary dance.