Talented duo combines of two crazy artists!

IkbalLubys is an Artist, Musician, Guitar Explorer, Builder, Improvisator, and Sound Artist from Malang, East Java, currently based in Special Region Of Yogyakarta, After studying western classical music and classical guitar,his work currently evolves transforming the social issues , images and three dimensional form in to the sound , and presented in several form of presentation. , also several times in collaboration with interdisciplinary artists in Asia, Europe & United States including performing art, visual art, dance, and film, among them Meg Stuart, MelatiSuryodarmo , Arco Renz , The Kazimier , Lurie Crombie, RullyShabara, WukirSuryadietc, program mentoring at some festival, involved in various festival,art communities , doing several recidencies and exibition.

Anik Wijayanti or better known as Aii Wijaya is a visual artist, educator, and founder of Ethnictro, one of the Yogyakarta based creative spaces for sound and music created in 2008 as a place for musical education, art, culture, and open expressions. While her basic study of visual art which formally trained at the Yogyakarta Visual Art High School (SMSR), then continued at the Visual Art Faculty of the Indonesian Arts Institute (ISI) Yogyakarta, she also rooted in her local music scene.She relishes the challenge of exploring all facets of art. She has several times collaborated with interdisciplinary artists in Asia and Europe including exhibition, sound performance, artist residency, and visit study. Her recent works are about anatomy by representing them through her works include painting, 3D, and installation using media art, technology and science.She also run a duo sound experimental project with Ikbal Lubys since 2006 called Ethnictronoise which is now changed name to be EXE.