Hay Là Nấu & Ăn Project

– Established in 2021, Hay Là is a platform focusing on performance art in Vietnam
– Currently, all activities take place online through the Instagram channel @_hay_la__


Often characterized by its ephemerality and thin boundaries, performance art or contemporary art in general still have its own language. Hay Là was founded with the desire to bring this specific language to practitioners, art enthusiasts who are interested in performance art and acts as an intermediary to discuss and expand the boundaries of performance art.

With an open mind, Hay Là aims to build a healthy ecosystem in which movements and dialogues are always born and maintained, in order to contribute to creating a creative energy for the artistic community as well as those interested in performance art in Vietnam.

More than simply transforming and consuming food, “cooking and eating” can also act as a small lens, upon which an individual’s preferences and personalities, and the history and specificity of a culture can be projected, or “cooking and eating” can be manifested as a gesture of sharing. Eating is also a way for people to connect with their whereabouts in the easiest way.

Eating and art often share a lot in common. The acts of eating/drinking/preparing/serving a meal are often used in many artworks both Western and Eastern.

The Haylanauvaan project – #haylanauvaan launched during the period of social distancing in Vietnam (2021), so that everyone can make events around the topic of cooking and eating, focusing on the border between daily activities and performance acts, between life and art, especially under the influence of the pandemic.