After studying in Vietnam National Academy of Music from 1998-2010, Luong Hue Trinh finished her Bachelor in Major Jazz Keyboard. In 2003, she was an Exceptional Student by Yamaha Music Foundation, Japan. In 2010, she began to work in electro acoustic music under the guidance of Vietnamese composer SonX.

From 2015-18, she was awarded a DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) scholarship for New Technique in Composition, then Master Program in Multimedia Composition with Prof. The Georg Hajdu and Composition with Prof. Elmar Lampson at the Hochschule für Musik & Theater Hamburg. Her works were broadcasted on radio stations in Thailand, Czech Republic, Germany, Norway, Scotland, Australia, England, China and highlighted as Artist of the Month in 2013 on StillStream Radio, USA.

Compositions by Trinh were commissioned for live-performances by the orators / for the soundtrack in video arts / documentary films / animation / audio book / or shown in exhibitions in over 25 countries in Europe and Asia. In 2014, her composition Tò Vò was published by Urban Arts Berlin in album Synthesis Vol. 1 a compilation of sound works by international female composers. In 2016, her first album Illusions was released by label Pan y Rosas, Chicago. It had a review and was on the list of Best of 2016 – Albums of The Year by Avant Music News, San Francisco, USA.