Nguyễn Huy An

– Born in 1982, Hanoi
– Graduated from the Department of Arts Education, Vietnam University of Fine Arts


Nguyễn Huy An works with various familiar objects and rituals of everyday life – from tables to betel nuts to hair and more – studying the habits that surround their use. Believing all matter has memory, Huy An’s sculptures, paintings, drawings and installations explore the impact of time as a cyclical space, drawn to the socio-political relationship between human and non-human worlds as potentially transformative, desiring the present moment be of more focus in contemporary life.

His contemplative installations and sculptures poetically question the seemingly mundane and ordinary. Huy An is a founding member of the ‘Appendix Group’, a collective of now 3 artists, creating joint staged performances that humorously critique the irrationality of human behavior, often anchored in local folk tradition or superstitious belief.

Huy An is also an active mentor to many young artists in Hanoi as a member of the Nha San Collective.