Trần Minh

After graduating from Vietnam Dance Academy in 2018, Minh has worked with Vietnam’s National Opera and Ballet House. Since 2019, Minh has focused his personal practice on observation; listening to the body and mind to explore realistic movements. Minh has also continued to collaborate with different artists and organizations, notably Famlab and VNOB, to perform and hold group exhibitions. In 2020, he was awarded Third Prize in the Vietnam National Dance Competition with his work ‘I am what I am‘.

#Artist’s statement

Move to witness the essence’s liveliness. I spent a lot of time watching life pass by, to touch delicate emotions, to see love sensation as it is.
My inspiration in bodily movements is from my intuition of life, the relationship between human and human, human and nature.
I care more about what motif leads to movement rather than techniques or the forms of these movements. Sometimes clenched fists are more than enough to express a shape of thought.
#Residency description 
In the process of tracing back and listening to oneself, one illuminates the consciousness of ancient lands to see the individualized personality. Dreams – Reality are natural events but seem to be on opposite sides. I try to find the balance between those two statuses in order to create absolute reality. To me, body language is the most simple, yet the best way to express one’s deepest thoughts.
Do dreams come around? What are they trying to say? The unconsciousness in the body’s movements brings out the spirituality in its emptiness. I move my body unconsciously, getting rid of the dance techniques and motivations of thought. I keep my focus on making my unconscious movements come out naturally. Using active visualization method, I link my body’s movements into a master chain towards seeing potentials of arbitrariness and surrealism.
#Form of residency: Practice/ composing space
#Duration: Saturdays and Sundays from April to June 2021
#Space usage: Entire space ( exclude artist’s house )