The event is about the sounding space of poems and the sound stuck in brain. Mostly, these pieces of sound are improvised upon the materials of the artist’s poems. “BEING STUCK IN REINCARNATION” is about “mother”. “Mother” is a crucial medium of the reincarnation. “Mother” could be either a subject that triggers the reincarnation or the result of the reincarnation. Sometimes, “mother” could be a subject disturbing the reincarnation. Occasionally, “mother” suffers from uncanny results.


In collabration with Alec Schachner

About CHINH BA- an artist performing with poems

Chinh Ba became an independent poems performing artist after a project using sounding effects on memory parts. That using the art of sounding installation in various space to exploit his poems creates a new space for audiences to live on their own memory parts. The theme normally relates to confusion, dilemma of sex, life, and humans.
Besides, Chinh Ba is producing experimental music, and running 3 spaces for art experimental practice.

About Alec Schachner
Alec Schachner, alias Scobi Wan, is a multi-instrumental musician, sound artist, audio engineer and poetry translator based in Saigon 2008-18 and currently in Hanoi.

He performs in a variety of genres including live house sets, experimental avant-garde, ambient meditational, electroacoustic looping, free jazz, occasional DJ sets & more. Previous projects include bassist of The 67’s psychobilly outfit, percussion&bass in Ugwae dub reggae worldgroove collective, synths&drum machine in Growsound electronic trio.

He is currently head engineer of Ếch Ếch Studios in Nhat Tan Ward, Hanoi.