Open Day: Wednesday, July 15th 2020

Open hours: 3pm-10pm

The Open Studio will be closed at 9pm, July 26th 2020


Lane 59 Ngo Gia Tu, Long Bien, Ha Noi (end of lane 59, turn right, go straight 500m)

About the artist: Jo Ngo


“We are all subject to mental strain in our lives, and periods of instability are only natural. However we often lack the means to fully assess any lasting damage, and we struggle to receive the support we need to address our issues and heal from them.

And so, to help us recenter ourselves and find our own equilibria, we come to this verdant glade of tranquility and repose, where our souls may take their ease, and our spirits may ride the currents of positivity, healing energy that flow around us. May the silence, living foliage, the soundscapes, the moving images, and the sessions of subtle healing, help sooth our minds and bring them to a place of equanimity.”