This June Open-Studio, the Forth Runner: RED
mùng mung – soil is soil is soil when one dreams above


Interact and discuss about the work + Opening party
6PM – Late | Thursday 27/04/2019

Studio is opened from 27 – 30/06/2019 with the opening time below:
27/06: 6PM – Late
28 – 30/06: 2PM – 5PM and 12AM – 2AM the next day (Note: for the visiting during the night time, for appointment only)
Address: Lane 59, Ngô Gia Tự, Long Biên, Hanoi, Vietnam (Turn right at the end of the lane, and go 500m)

#About the Idea

fantasies and daydreams create a possible existence for space, outside its physical existence. a space is always lying in interference, overlapping other spaces, or spaces of other time axes. this open-studio of RED at Á Space is an invitation to step into a fantasy space with a memory space filled with concepts, objects, lighting layers, smells, colors, spiritual feelings. this space is in the middle, light and heaving – the space inside the mosquito net.

this space is created by the energy and imagination of many individuals who participated in “Slumber party in a strange land” from June 17 to 22 where RED placed a bed with mosquito net on a strange plot of land with several objects.

*** “mùng mung”:

/mùng/: mosquito net
/mùng mung/: an adjective which indicates the feeling floating in between, light and heaving