Saturday (27.07.2019)
19.15 – 20.00: Performance “burn/city” (02 time slots for 04 audiences, please register here.)
20.30 – 21.30: Artist’s Talk with Linh Valerie Phạm about “burn/city” and her practice
21.30 – Late: Opening Party

Sunday (28.07.2019)
20.00 – 22.15: Performance “burn/city” (06 time slots for 12 audiences, please register via link above)

“About “burn/city”: 

“Time: Now, but not now
Place: Here, but not here

I thank you, the young and unwise
The ones they called reckless and naïve
The ones they broke
The ones who fix
The ones who dream
The ones whose dreams were taken
For the old and wise might keep the world running
You make it stop to listen.

I thank you, the shy and fearful
The ones they called weak and cowardly
The ones they ignore
The ones who care
The ones who doubt
The ones whose doubts were ridiculed
For those who speak with conviction and zeal might change the world
You heal it with patience and kindness. “

A new experiment on drama, theatricality, puppetry, and performative bodies. Deconstructed. Immersive. A Changeling.
The performance at Á Space is the first Part of burn/city.


#About Linh Valerie Pham

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