????️ Time: Friday, February 02 – Thursday, February 07, 2024


Á Space, Alley 215 Ngô Gia Tự, Long Biên District, Hanoi

⭐️ This is a space for love
⭐️ This is a space for art
⭐️ This is a space for us
Hey there! ????
Á and NáSA are delighted to extend a warm invitation to visit NáSA’s studio ‘Love is in the AiR’.
The open studio ‘Love is in the AiR’ is NáSA astronaut team’s launching finale. This experimental art project is initiated and coordinated by artist Nguyen Vu Tru and curator Nguyen Hai Hoa, featuring the creative talents of Doan Thi Dung, Nguyen Tra Giang, Viet-Hoang Pham, Thach Hieu, Kochi Kocha, Luu Chi Kien, Nguyen Do Duc Minh, Van-Nhi Nguyen, Tran Huyen Diem Phuong, and QuaDuong (Quang Quang).
‘Love is in the AiR’ is the brainchild of 10 astronauts on 5 missions to explore the sweet spot where love and art collide. The spatial and visual pluralism represent the amalgamating personalities of the astronauts, as each of them expands their practice based on motifs proposed by Nguyen Vu Tru.
1. DRAW A STAR MAP: Paint your name/personal mark for each special person in your life. A timelapse projection of our 2-hour mission will overlap three canvases of 12 people’s individual marks.
2. MIRACLE POSITIONING: Presenting 100 photos/videos capturing 13 perspectives on the presence and concept of High-Quality Vietnamese Products in everyday life.
3. MEASURE A STAR’S SCALE: Follow our crew of astronauts as they take their paintings on a tour around Hanoi. It’s a collective twist on Nguyen Vu Tru’s ‘Hypodermis the God’, the largest painting in Vietnam.
4. DREAMSCAPE: Astronauts’ memorabilia – old and new items that mark each person’s upbringing, placed on a bed-as-sanctuary.
5. DRAGON FEAST: A year-end party to celebrate the new Dragon Year with dishes installed by NáSA crew.
The open studio to celebrate the 2024 Lunar New Year is not just about art; it’s a chance for our astronauts to reflect on their journey and share their works with friends, family and fellow art lovers.
Initiating artist: Nguyễn Vũ Trụ | Initiating curator: Nguyễn Hái Hoa
NáSA Astronauts: Đoàn Thị Dung, Nguyễn Trà Giang, Việt-Hoàng Phạm, Thạch Hiếu, Kochi Kocha, Lưu Chí Kiên, Nguyễn Đỗ Đức Minh, Vân-Nhi Nguyễn, Trần Huyền Diễm Phương, QuaDuong (Quang Quang)
Supporters: Hồng Anh, Linh Meo, Thảo Đức Bùi, Nguyễn Bá Ngọc, Dennis Nguyễn
Sincere thanks to Vân Đỗ and the artists/curators who helped make this project happen as part of Solo Marathon 2023 organized by Á Space. ????