– Born in 1995
– Bachelor of Fine art – Vietnam University of Fine Art


Derived from childhood fears, at the same time, she also faced with early losses, she formed the sense of using art as a way of filling, resisting the emptiness inside. Afterwards, when she was more exposed to life, her thoughts and meditations of invisible pains, the lost of every human being in society – they became more tormented, urging her to find a solution for herself through artistic practice.

THAORS artistic practice poses problems with her obsessions and confusions, she finds a way to express it and studies how to solve those problems with any suitable material.

THAORS also uses art as ‘boxes’ to keep the past. This stems from the habit of keeping the ‘past garbage’. Using canned forms of memories, she turned them into the most precious exhibits of all things.

THAORS promotes the reuse of waste materials by storing and using them in her artistic practice, aiming at solutions to practice art in parallel with protecting the sustainability of the environment.