15.00 – 19.00, 08.07.2023


Thạch Cầu, Long Biên, Hà Nội


Phạm Xuân Cảnh was born in 1979. Studied architecture at Hanoi University of Civil Engineering. A photography enthusiast and freelancer who practices personal documentary photography.

Nguyễn Huy An was born in 1982 in Hanoi. Graduated from Vietnam University of Fine Arts in 2008. A member of Nhà Sàn Collective and a founding member of the Appendix, a group of Hanoi-based performance artists. 


Phạm Xuân Cảnh’s ‘A story of dreams’ is like an excursion from one everyday scene to another. The encounters among the elements in his photographs appear both accidental and predestined, lying somewhere between reality and fantasy. For some chance moments, the colors in what is normally seen from day to day suddenly illuminate like a kind of obsession, revealing an inherent mystery on which we would often miss out.

In Cảnh’s words: “For me, photography is both an interesting walk with the ordinary in my surroundings and a journey of quietly looking back into my heart. Walking around and focusing on observing helps me feel the small, simple things of everyday life that for many reasons we often accidentally fail to notice. I keep wondering a little bit about each and everything: Each photo is a true story of life, although carrying many shades of joy, sadness, happiness, or suffering, they still bear their own meanings and values. I’m just a wanderer too busy roaming about recording those life stories with my small camera.”

Notes to the event: 

  • In order to keep the intimacy of the open studio, the number of attendees will be limited and invitations will be sent out directly to the guest list.
  • In addition to the works on display, Phạm Xuân Cảnh’s photography practice will be further introduced in the form of a photobook that can be viewed at the open studio and will be later shared on Á’s platforms.