15.00 – 18.00, 20.05.2023


Á Space, Ngõ 59 Ngô Gia Tự, Long Biên, Hà Nội

Dương Mạnh Hùng is an independent translator/writer/curator. Their practice weaves textual intricacy with visual subtlety to deliver responses and raise questions about art & society. Hùng’s deep-seated fascination with the dynamics of translation in art is informed by their close observations of global and Southeast Asian socio-political and ecological histories. They are perpetually intrigued by moments of sublimation and serendipitous interstices within/between different art forms.
Personal website: linktr.ee/hmduong
On the occasion that Dương Mạnh Hùng is in Hanoi for a couple of days this May and hoping to have a chance to sit down with practitioners that are active in the field of (art) translation, Hùng and Á are pleased to invite you to an intimate workshop titled ‘Translating together – A look into translation in the context of Vietnamese contemporary art’, followed by some translation ‘exercises’.
Translation has traditionally been seen as a medium through which intercommunal linkages are made possible. Particularly in the art, where there is a constant desire for distribution and exchange of knowledge between different communities as well as forms (visual to textual, audio, sensorial, and vice versa), translation plays a pivotal role in configuring spaces for speculating, interpreting, and even fictionalizing. The translator takes on the task of shifting artistic horizons, through their psychosomatic act of ‘carrying’ and ‘transforming’ artistic content.
This brings us back to Vietnam and our state of translation, art translation in particular. In a geopolitical rhizome that boasts artistic, linguistic, and ideological diversity, how do we fathom the role of translation in our process of knowledge exchange and cultural (re)production? What are some concepts in contemporary art that we are grappling with as translators? What is our experience as ‘translators’ during ‘translation’? How do we address the challenges while embracing the joy of laboring as a translator in arts, culture, and literature? This informal gathering is an invitation to come together as colleagues and ponder upon these questions, as contemporary art in Vietnam is slowly but surely attracting global attention.
Questions and Activities for Discussion:
1. Round of Introduction (20mins)
2. Hung’s short presentation on the process of translating Thai Tuan for Southeast of Now Journal (30mins)
3. Terminology translation exercise (30mins)
4. Translation in pair (30mins)
5. Collective translation (30mins)