? Schedule
Art talk: 13h30, 8.12.2019
Pop-up Exhibition: 16h – 20h, 8.12 – 15.12.2019

PRINZpod will talk about their Projects in public space. They will present a variety of their art works, to give an overview of their conceptual methods and playful handling of techniques.

After the talk, there will be a pop-up exhibition by PRINZpod “ macro dust production” at Á Space. Please do not miss it.


? About PRINZpod:
PRINZpod work as a team since 1984 with divers media like art in public space, sculpture, but also film (Donald Richie’s life in Film, Paarläufer, die Pedanten), fotografy, and painting. Many of their art works refer to architecture. Together they realized many international projects. Their most famous works in public space are Die Entdeckung der Korridore (Discovery of Corridors), a peaceful highway in the landscape of Lower Austria or the memorial of Aspangbahnhof in Vienna.
The most recent work of PRINZpod is “Compressed anthems” (https://vimeo.com/359753027) – As the traveling through images and sounds to discover national audio-visual identities when nations’ anthems are downsized to their most significant tone. (Project in Cooperation with the AIR and Research Project “Body Embedding” by Hongwei Duan and Ursula Maria Probst).
See more about PRINZpod: http://www.prinz-pod.at/