19h30, 24.11.2019

Lane 59 Ngô Gia Tự, Long Biên, Hà Nội (go to the end, turn right, go straight 500m)

About Artist/Curator Hoi Leung
About Hoi Leung
Hoi Leung is an artist and curator based in San Francisco. Graduated from University of California, Los Angeles, Hoi is currently a curator at the Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco. Hoi manages 41 Ross, an experimental community art space and interactive studio that promotes dialogue, appreciation, and creative engagement around the local culture practice by everyday people in San Francisco Chinatown.

Centered around community-based practices and issues concerning the Chinese diaspora, her recent curatorial projects include Infinite Cycle (2018) and Womxn, Omen, Women in Chinatown (2018), and Present Tense Biennale: Task of Remembrance (2019). As an artist, Hoi has exhibited both locally and internationally including SOMArts Cultural Center (San Francisco Bay Area), K11 Art Foundation (Hong Kong), and the Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum (Beijing).

Recent projects:
2019: Present Tense Biennale: Task of Remembrance
2019: A Double Listen in partnership with Toolbox Percussions (Hong Kong)
2019: Tsui Kuang Yu: Exercise Living
2018: Infinite Cycle in partnership with the Bamboo Curtain Studio (Taipei) and WMA (Hong Kong)
2018: Womxn, Omen, Women in Chinatown: Reimagining Symbols of Power and Access
2017: XianRui: 10 Years

About Chinese Culture Center (CCC)
Founded in 1965, the Chinese Culture Foundation of San Francisco opened the Chinese Culture Center (CCC) in 1973. CCC emerged out of the civil rights movements to be the cultural and art anchor for the Chinatown community. CCC has a long history as a multidisciplinary arts organization and cultural community builder that nurtures the arts and advances the plurality of the Chinese diaspora.

Today, CCC is one of the leading cultural and socially-oriented art centers in San Francisco, drawing from a network of 500+ artists. CCC’s engagement strategy over the past decade in “Building a Museum Without Walls,” radically positioned the organization to move beyond its walls into community spaces to deploy culture in storefronts, sidewalks, parks, alleyways, and public spaces. Through this engagement, CCC produced several ambitious public art projects, such as Beili Liu’s Sky Bridge, named Best Public Art by KQED, and Summer Lee’s Liminal Space outdoor light installation, a national finalist for the Robert E. Gard award.

The success of CCC’s curatorial strategy stems from investment in complex contemporary art programs and artist incubation, challenging them to innovate and break boundaries. From this trajectory, several groundbreaking initiatives established our visual arts programming: Present Tense, XianRui, WOMEN and Episode all presenting risk-taking contemporary art with a commitment to its social justice legacy.

Continually seeking to re-imagine its relationship with the community, CCC opened its 41 Ross Storefront Project Space in 2014 as an experimental community art space in one of the most historic alleyways in Chinatown. In 2018, CCC reflected on XianRui’s 10th year anniversary. We continue to move forward with excellence and the recent National Endowment for the Arts Our Town grant. With five decades of experience, CCC’s community investment has resulted in complex public art projects and artistic excellence recognized nationally and internationally.