Open Studio 3



Cấn Văn Ân

The story on the rooftop of a market

A contradiction between language and image, my work is a story of O Cach Market. I have heard, seen, and participated in the conversations which come from different sources. Those stories might happen at the same time and we might be able to comprehend them (through objects, space, gestures, etc.) But when being taken apart, possibly through being recorded, written down, and put into another space, they become a clutter full of contradictions. Those stories now seem unrelated.

Đỗ Văn Hoàng

Mother, son, insomnia, enclosed insomnia, rain, rain phobia, romance phobia, waiting for mother. Dimmed light, lost time, found time


This is a study of a land beneath

Nguyễn Hữu Hải Duy

Untitled 1 & Untitled 2

Tumbling from one side to another; present in the void of loss; unstable as a process of looking for a supporting point for emotions. Subjects of the mind are gradually shifted into a neutral threshold. There might have been more than one question raised along with a ceaseless fever of ambiguous affections perpetually existing alongside a constant mutation chain through an exchange and negotiation of the components of “quality” and “attribute”. At a certain moment, a containing space that might be known, neither broad nor narrow, could be imagined as a post-psychic state where existential events are legitimized by the emptiness which has the ability to remain invariant by self-overwriting.


Through questioning the existence of the appearances, in this video, I selected three points of view, familiar to each of the two people about an “appearance” – a metro rail, which has never existed in both of their past but gradually appears. The embroidered line on the map seems to confirm the presence of the new age as well as an invasion into memories. The invasion into space or the invasion into relationships, which might either be connections or disconnection. It vaguely exists in thoughts, but at the same time clearly appears.

Đặng Hồng Anh


This work started from my writing about the story of Ian Curtis, deceased vocalist of Joy Division. I like the idea of play. So I filmed videos and wrote texts and put things together, with music. There is this truth and that truth there, or perhaps truisms, and I hope I also displaced some truths. There are narrations, texts to read, films/videos/visuals/sounds/objects to see, spaces for imaginations, etc. By 2018 and with all the knowledge read and knowledge unknown and life experiences, the ‘I’ must feel disturbed and disoriented and troubled by many things. I am quite just as unsure, I want some escapes, though I’d claim some authorship in this work. Shiny balloons can possibly suggest Jeff Koons, but these there seemed pretty sad. This work broaches different things like suicide, hell, paradise, despair, love, hope, faith, isolation, sadness, joy, music, and a sort of skepticism of the desire. The work has some humor. Special thanks to Vu Hallo – Actor/ Collaborator A lady selling vegetables at the market

Đặng Thùy Anh

A wait

Of overlapping appearances.

Lê Tuyết Trinh



Bad feeling



Ambiguous imagination

Are self-defense consciousness


The betrayal of

The things we have to touch every day

The people we have to commune every day