10h00 – 12h00, 21.08.2022


online on Google Meet

#Guest facilitator:
Nguyễn Lâm Thảo Thi is a writer and translator currently based in Saigon, Vietnam.
As an event to close off the exhibition ‘Chợt mộng tan’, Á is delighted to invite you to an online reading group of the book titled ‘No Archive Will Restore You’, with the facilitation of Nguyễn Lâm Thảo Thi, a writer and translator currently based in Sài Gòn.
“I begin then to compile an archive of my body, an activity that from the start feels discomfortingly intimate. Too intimate and too bewildering an undertaking, because like all other bodies mine has become so many things over time, has changed dramatically through forces both natural and social. I am also, it must be noted, a person whose body has been broken and maimed many times over—a fact that I cannot yet entirely account for.”
At once memoir, theory, poetic prose, and fragment, No Archive Will Restore You is a feverish meditation on the body. Departing from Antonio Gramsci’s summons to compile an inventory of the historical traces left in each of us, Singh engages with both the impossibility and urgent necessity of crafting an archive of the body. Through reveries on the enduring legacies of pain, desire, sexuality, race, and identity, she asks us to sense and feel what we have been trained to disavow, to re-member the body as more than itself.
About the author:
Julietta Singh is a writer and academic whose work engages post-decolonial thought, ecological humanities, race, gender and queer studies. She is the author of No Archive Will Restore You (Punctum Books, 2018); Unthinking Mastery: Dehumanism and Decolonial Entanglements (Duke University Press, 2018), and The Breaks (Coffee House Press, 2021).
About the reading group:
● The reading group will take place online. We will send you link to the Google Meet in the confirmation email.
● Registration form: https://forms.gle/LMyDkGRiD7pKvhmk8
In order to ensure the quality of the discussion, we will limit the number of participants to 15 at the maximum.
● Language: English for the reading and Vietnamese for the discussion.
● You can download the book from the link here (open access): https://punctumbooks.com/titles/no-archive-will-restore-you/