#Solo#Marathon2019 No.06 – Chinh Phụ Ngâm



24/08/2019 – 31/08/2019 | 18h – 22h

Opening Party:
19h, Saturday, 24/08/2019

Artist’s Talk
19h, Saturday, 31/08/2019


Lane 59, Ngô Gia Tự, Long Biên, Hanoi, Vietnam (Turn right at the end of the lane, and go 500m)

#About the idea

*The Chinh phụ ngâm (“Lament of the soldier’s wife”, 征婦吟) is a poem in classical Chinese written by the Vietnamese author Đặng Trần Côn (1710-1745).[1] It is also called the Chinh phụ ngâm khúc (征婦吟曲), with the additional -khúc (“tune”, 曲) emphasizing that it can be performed as a musical piece not just read as a plain “lament” (ngâm, 吟).

The Chinese-language poem was translated into vernacular chữ Nôm by several translators including Phan Huy Ích and Đoàn Thị Điểm.
Source: Wikipedia

“You will not see cinema; nor film; nor documentary, nor long-distance shot; nor 4K; nor diary; nor confession; nor appropriation of a famous poem; nor conclusion.

You will see a young hand and an old hand, you will see hundreds of flowers tailor-made, you will see two bunch of chrysanthemums and ten fingers intertwined with each other.”

#About the artist

Minh Thang Pham