16.00 – 18.00, Monday Oct 23, 2023


Ba-Bau AIR, 82A Thợ Nhuộm, Hoàn Kiếm District, Hanoi

Dian Arumningtyas is a researcher and curator who works closely with topics related to cultural mobility, community involvement in artistic instruments, and textual reading through archives and library collections. Her long-term research project dissects how artist-in-residence programs become a cultural strategy driven by the governmental and funders’ agendas to develop and revitalize communities. She is interested in delving into power relations and the agency of the local community to be equally active in shaping the culture. Recent projects that Dian has been working on include being involved in the 2024 Diriyah Contemporary Art Biennale as a curatorial assistant (2023-2024), co-curating “Post-Localization Syndrome” with Barim Gwangju, supported by the Korean Foundation for International Culture Exchange (2022); co-developing a curatorial workshop with Goethe-Institut Bandung (2022); and having granted a fellow for the Ishibashi Foundation–the Japan Foundation Research on Japanese Art (2020). She is currently working as a program director for Indeks.
#Chương trình
Á is very pleased to invite you to a conversation with our new friend Dian Arumningtyas from Bandung, Indonesia, to be taking place at our friends’ house Ba-Bau AIR.
This conversation invites the audience to learn more about Indeks, a curatorial platform based in Bandung, Indonesia, and then to discuss and unfold the resemblance shared between the art ecosystem in Bandung and Hanoi. On the sustainability issue in the art ecosystem, the conversation reiterates the key factors to cultivate supportive grounds for practitioners in each setting.
Initiated in February 2020, Indeks is a curatorial platform to cultivate dialogues and promote knowledge exchange through artistic activities. Indeks’ programs span various approaches, from the library and crowd-sourced archive to exhibitions, residencies, and film and moving image programs.