Open-call #ÁSpaceVirtual #(I,Other Existences)





Curated by MƠ HỎI MỞ – MO?

*This notice contains information for the deadline for the open call, starting from 30th of April , 2020:

_About the statement of the virtual showcase:

“Who am I?” and “What are the other existences?” are two questions and points of departure from which to embark on creative journeys in (I, Other Existences):

“I” could refer to the artist themselves or to a third person, a subject matter; it could be peoples, real or imagined, it could even be a larger community, through whose eyes the artist embraces new and expansive relationships.

“Other existences” are those other elements that coexist with the “I”; be they human or other life-forms, or those issues and phenomena that permeate our society; the cultural, the economic, the personal. These existences may also be those that we perceive on an emotional plane, that speak to human behaviours and struggles, to our own internal dialogues and disconnects.

Our world is in a state of constant flux, now more than ever. The global pandemic has caused us all disruption and wrought changes to our day to day existence, putting strain on both our personal and collective lives. This current climate compels us to reflect and consciously respond with a ‘new way of seeing’, about ourselves, and the current world.

(I, Other Existences) is the first online showcase by Á Space Virtual – the new virtual platform created by experimental art space Á Space and curated by multimedia art team MƠ HỎI MỞ – MO?. The showcase aims to inspire diverse, genres, and art forms, and encourage the sharing of new possibilities, experiences and viewpoints.

(I, Other Existences) wants to explore the randomness of change in consciousness, when personal awakenings are evoked from an upheaval that is happening to everyone. MO? looks for conscious evolvements by multidimensional insights from artists – who are sensitive to the now, having personal questionings about: relations between subjects or the roles of the “I”, by “other existences” in “the world” together with endless olds and news. These personal insights can be micro or macro problems, realistic or unrealistic, fiction or nonfiction.


– Artists under 35.

-Artists working from all over the world.

– Experimental artists with new concepts and techniques, pieces have transformational elements towards digital, run on a virtual online platform.

– Appropriate mediums : video, motion, digital, paintings, photographs, sound, performance, literature, multimedia , etc.

– Application deadline: before 0h (GMT+7) July 30th 2020.

_How to apply:

1. Send your application through email to or sign up using the form below before 0:00 (GMT +7) on July 30th 2020.

2. You will receive a confirmation from A Space once you have submitted your application.

3. Results will be notified before 15/08/2020.

4. A Space will provide an agreement contract for chosen artworks. The contract will be signed by both parties before the showcase is made public.

_Application email title “ I. The Other Experiences _ Your name” includes:

– CV ( Microsoft word doc/ pdf).

– Portfolio ( Microsoft word doc/ pdf) displaying selected artworks with details.

– Proposal ( Microsoft word doc/ pdf) displaying personal goals and artwork ideas that you wish to exhibit on our platform.

_Sign Up Link:

*Note: We welcome all ideas/ artworks that have been, or will be executed.

*Application can be in English or Vietnamese.

_Artist benefits and responsibilities:

– Artists receive assistance and promotion.

– Donation money from the project will be publicized on the online exhibition website . 90% of total donation will be divided amongst artists that participated , 10% will go towards assisting the curators of the project.

– Artists pledge to work efficiently, finishing artworks according to deadlines, collaborating with A Space with appropriate schedule, openly sharing information that are helpful towards the events and activities organising the events.

– Artists must bear copyright responsibilities , as well as the legal and logistics of the artworks. Artists must bear all responsibilities regarding the constitutional rights or humans rights within Vietnamese laws. ( e.g no violent images or potentially triggering, racism, sexism, contents that cause potential lawsuits…)

_About us


Á Space is a non profit art space, based in Hanoi, Vietnam. Started in May 2018, its mission is to support and develop the artistic practices of young and emerging artists in Vietnam, across all media and disciplines.


We are a multimedia art experimental practice group, including young Vietnamese and international peoples, where young artists connect on an open network of creative ideas and spirits connections. As experimental art enthusiasts of various mediums and genres, MO? desires to learn, explore, connect young people to practice art regardless of where they are from.