#Solo#Marathon 2020 is a program seeking emerging Vietnamese artists, whose practices, in some way, re-engage with these fundamental and increasingly at-risk facets of human existence and connectivity. Our focus is on interdisciplinary art projects, ones that encourage collaborations between the artists and other voices in complimentary or tangential fields, such as scientists, researches, traditional craftsmen, to inspire new dialogues and generate new responses to environmental, cultural and social changes.

We are therefore looking for artists that are experimenting with new ideas, techniques, and methods; artists who are capable of actively engaging their communities, bringing external experts into their works, and pushing their collaborative endeavors out beyond the confines of what we consider ‘Art’ to meaningfully impact wider society.

Á Space’s #Solo#Marathon 2020 program will once again run for six consecutive months, giving the opportunity for six young and emerging Vietnamese artists to each undertake a month-long working-with-studio project at Á Space. Each project will run the full length of one calendar month, with each selected artist committing to a full-time work schedule, with an emphasis on working/presenting their project at Á Space during and/or at the end of their month. They will also commit to holding at least one public Open-Studio event, and for their work to otherwise be viewable by appointment.