a compilation of vietnamese music videos from the late 1990s to early 2000s curated by vj vudieunongsay (hoa quỳnh cinema)

Set 1: Tầng Hoa Tầng Nụ

“Những ca khúc thiếu nhi từ đội ca múa nhà thiếu nhi thành phố Hồ Chí Minh”

Rắc rối – Diễm Quyên / Vì bé ngoan – Anh Tuấn / Ông trăng ơi – Xuân An / Em tập đàn – Tốp Ca / Bố là tất cả – Duy Uyên / Chiếc đồng hồ – Tóc Tiên / Đừng quấy rầy tôi – Tốp ca / Khúc nhạc vui – Nhóm Mắt Ngọc

Set 2: Trái Thơm Tình Yêu – Cỗ Máy Tình Yêu – V-pop Y2K

Vô Tình – nhóm Mắt ngọc / Giận hờn – Minh Thuận / Ai Ai Ai – Mây Trắng / Sài gòn cô tiên năm 2000 – Phương Thanh, Hoàng Kim, Tam ca Áo Trắng / Trái thơm tình yêu / Cỗ máy tình yêu – Mắt Ngọc / Thế giới trò chơi – NTV Virus / Ngày gió và cánh diều – Trio666

Nguyen Duy Anh (vudieunongsay) is a filmmaker living in Hanoi, Vietnam. In 2019, he graduated with a major in film directing from a 4-year exchange program between Hanoi Academy of Theater and Cinema and INSAS, Belgium. As a director, screenwriter, producer, editor and organizer, Duy Anh has released various works, including fictional short films and documentaries, installation videos, music videos, and more. These works have had the opportunity to be screened and exhibited at various venues and film festivals such as Singapore International Film Festival, Bali International Short Film Festival, Kunsthalle TRAFO, etc. Duy Anh’s work often explores and questions the dominance of larger systems over individual’s freedom of expression in contemporary social contexts. Besides, Duy Anh is also a member of Babau.Air, a collective of curators, producers and artists in Hanoi. With Cao Viet Nga, Duy Anh co-founded Hoa Quỳnh Cinema – an intimate project  that organizes film screening and other film-related activities. 

Hoa Quỳnh (Night Cactus) – a flower that blooms only at night, quietly, discreetly, but strangely beautiful. Hoa Quỳnh Cinema is named after this flower, which also operates from late night until dawn in a small, clean and cool attic on the edge of Hanoi’s old quarter. At night, Hoa Quynh Cinema will randomly select three films regardless of genre, subject or format, be it art-house movies, Hollywood movies or old TV episodes, be it music videos, promotional clips, comedy skits, video art or any other animation that catches our eyes. On long, bored nights, when the trees are silent, when you can’t fall sleep, think of us. In the corner of the garden, there are night cactus flowers blooming.

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