#Solo#Marathon is a program of six continuously solo-openstudios, initiated by Á Space from March, 2019, in response to the big lack of space and opportunity for Vietnamese artists to experiment and display their art in Vietnam in an open progress. This program seeks artists willing to be challenged with their concepts and mediums, who understand that to present their work demands consideration of location, local culture, audience and how their arts create connections to public, also having dialogues to the art world.

In 2019,  there will be 6 opportunities for 6 Vietnamese young artists to undertake a solo open-studio process in a given place of Á Space. Each project will take 1 month duration; each artist will start from beginning of the month and ending at the end of the same month. Each selected artist will work/present at A’ Space and open to public by appointments and also 1 public Open-Studio.


Congratulations to the six young artists of our Open-Studio series #Solo#Marathon2019

No.1 (01 – 30/03/2019): Huong DonNa
No.2 (01 – 30/04/2019): Nguyễn Hữu Hải Duy
No.3 (01 – 30/05/2019): THAORS
No.4 (01 – 30/06/2019): RED
No.5 (01 – 30/07/2019): Linh Valerie Phạm
No.6 (01 – 30/08/2019): Minh Thang Pham